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4/17/08 02:50 am - marriedtgdad - I love my boobs

I love to wear tight shirts that show them off.. I love to play with them and have them played with...

I just wish they were bigger :)

I am a closeted mtf tg, but i've always been blessed with boobs (no hormones yet) 

4/11/07 12:06 pm - cromeium - Why hello

This community needs to be active where is everyone?

1/7/05 06:10 am - lady_xanax

OMG. This community CANNOT be dead.

I just found it... and I LOVE MOOBS.

I will go force friends to join. The mod can advertise in community_promo.

Please please let this community live.

LiveJournal NEEDS a moob community.

9/10/04 06:25 pm - firegypsy - Beautiful!

It's a good day to have moobs! We will be putting up a poll to see what day of the year should be official Manbreast Appreciation Day. There will be a festival and Moob-Off competitions on this day.

We will also be taking suggestions for moob-related games, prizes and awards.

Thanks for your input and moob love!

9/10/04 02:40 am - trashwhore - MOOB FANS UNITE!

WELCOME MOOB AFICIONADOS!! This is a community devoted to moobs and the people that love them! Moobs are also commonly known as "man boobs" and "bitch tits", among other "slang" terms. The proper term for this condition is gynecomastia.
Please feel free to post stories, pictures or commentary about the men you love and their breasts! Participation and support is highly encouraged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moob enthusiasts, test your knowledge here!!!

Your Moobless Moderators (firegypsy & trashwhore)
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